Meet My Twin Sister: Rita Dharar

For those who have been reading Secret Wedding Blog, may know that I have a twin sister. She is mentioned very briefly on my about me page. She’s obviously an important part of my life, she has encouraged and supported SWB from day one. She always gives me ideas, tips and tells me about all sorts of weddings she’s seen or found.

So I thought I’d introduce you to Rita! She is the younger out of us twins by 19 minutes - mum said she didn’t want to come out! She is a Coach who helps people to live up to their true potential by removing any emotional barriers currently getting in the way.

Emotions are everywhere, they are the reason for crime, failing relationships, unsuccessful businesses and every single area where your life isn’t quite how you would like it to be.

She truly believes that the quality of your life is how you manage your emotions from day to day.

Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Depression, Frustration, Stress, Grief, are a number of emotions Rita has worked through with her clients.

Her work is incredibly powerful and unique! Even after one session with Rita, you will experience a big transformation.

Her huge curiosity and her keen interest in every single individual makes her a truly unique Coach.

I can confirm Rita is truly dedicated, honest and has pure intention to help every single one of her clients. Because if she wasn’t, why would I support that, hey?

After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Sociology & Social Policy, Rita worked various jobs in London. She knew she wanted to help people, but wanted to give life changing results. Not the typical after math of general seminars; attend a seminar, get pumped up & excited, feel great for the next couple of days, however when you get back home you end up falling into the same routine and behavioural patterns.

She had an amazing opportunity to go to Zurich and train in Human Software Engineering, which came at the perfect timing, as at the time our cousin Bobby has passed away.

The very first evening she arrived there, her trainer had removed her Grief. This was her ah-ha moment and she knew her life would change forever. I saw an immediate change in her from when she returned. I couldn’t even talk about Bobby without breaking down and crying, but she used her new knowledge and put that in practice.

From returning, she has set up her successful Coaching practice, helping so many individuals to live up to their true potential. She travels the country giving talks and is constantly looking at ways she can truly help guide her clients.

Rita is offering FREE Discovery sessions for Secret Wedding Blog readers. This is a general chat to gauge where you are and what area in your life you are not living up to.

How long are you going to wait to live an all round abundant life? Time to Unlock your Human Potential

Check out her website: or stalk her on social media below!

2 Comments Meet My Twin Sister: Rita Dharar

  1. Katie Jenner

    Aaw so sweet you put your twin sister on your blog. You are like a Twin Powerhouse! Maybe I should feature my twin Jo on my blog too?! She might be jealous! xxx


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