The Roundhouse Derby


The Roundhouse - Entrance

I was extremely excited when wedding season began and Sunita and Ricky’s wedding was upon us.

Knowing Sunita and her family - I didn’t expect anything less than glamorous but was utterly blown away after all the detail into every part of their wedding. The post about their wedding is coming at a later date.

However today I will be focusing on the perfect location they hired for their wedding reception - The Roundhouse Derby.

The Roundhouse, Derby, is a beautiful and magnificent series of truly iconic buildings that have a world-renowned status in history. As a wedding venue, The Roundhouse offers a spectacular backdrop, with an atmosphere as unique as the venue itself. The Roundhouse was built in 1839 and is the world’s oldest surviving railway turning shed. Following a £48 million renovation, it has been returned to its former glory with original features beautifully restored.

On Arrival

On arriving to The Roundhouse Derby - I was unsure of what to expect but first impressions definitely didn’t disappoint. We were welcomed with champagne and canapés which gave us a great chance to mingle. Also to catch up with those who had changed their outfits from the Gurdwara {I definitely changed into a more dressy sari!}. The welcome drinks were held in the library. When you hear library, you may think standard boring library. But I must emphasise how gorgeous it was. The wooden floors combined with the black large pillars and glass windows and doors truly brought an traditional and modern style together! {You can see what I mean behind me in the photo!}

Raj Dharar Roundhouse Derby

The Hall

We were then allowed to enter the hall. I was walking and talking with Sunit’s grandma {such a babe - love her} chatting away saying how nice everything was that day and the festivities before hand. I reached the entrance and my actual words were “Oh my God” How amazing was the first impression? This was what we saw!

sunita and ricky wedding roundhouse

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How gorgeous does it look? So elegant, glamorous and stunning. 

You know when you have done a wedding right when people are still talking about it for months...
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I know I wanted to write about this as everything was very spectacular! The food from Five Rivers was delicious, and the customer service was great. They wouldn’t let us be without a drink or if we needed anything, the waiters and waitresses went out of their way to ensure everything was perfect!

A quick mention to the DJ - Kudos music  was also amazing. A combination of bhangra, hindi and music in the charts was done so well. I must emphasise the dance off between the ladies and the guys was a definite highlight. So well done and enjoyable! And of course the ladies did win ;)

Below are some images that have kindly been provided by The Roundhouse Derby and photography is by

Gorgeous fabric draping by:




Wedding Reception - The Roundhouse - 04

You can also find The Roundhouse Derby on twitter and facebook!

A trailer of Sunita & Ricky’s wedding by Deneemotion


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  1. Denis

    Hi, here is the film trailer of Sunita & Ricky’s wedding:
    Feel free to post it on your blog.


    1. secretweddingblog

      The film trailer of Sunita & Ricky’s wedding is absolutely incredible, everyone from the wedding have commented on how amazing it is! So well done and thank you!

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