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Same Day Edit Sikh Wedding

Same Day Edit Sikh Wedding

Mandy and Matt first met when they were 15 years old in middle school and they got married almost 9 years later. They officially got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2012. I always adore hearing the proposal stories from the couple as it’s so sweet to hear/read it in their words.

The Proposal – Matt’s Story

We unofficially got engaged on Valentine’s day in 2012, while on vacation in beautiful Jamaica. After a romanic Valentine’s dinner, I forced Mandy on a lovely stroll along the beach late in the evening. I stopped Mandy at a gazebo on the beach where many wedding ceremonies took place during the day and got down on one knee. I asked Mandy to marry me. After what seemed like an eternety of silence, she replied ‘Yes!’.

The Proposal – Mandy’s Story

Our unofficial proposal started off at the airport on the way to Jamaica…me sitting in a car with 4 boys being squished in the back seat. I HAD NO IDEA what was going on. All the boys taking Matt and I to the airport and hugging and kissing me…it was weird and made no sense. But it all made sense on Valentine’s day.

After a fun night of wining and dining with our new friend’s in Jamaica, Matt decided to “go for a walk” on the beach at 3 am!!!!! I was exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep….he took me to the darkest most creepiest area of the resort (where people had their wedding ceremonies during the day). He stopped me in my tracks, got down on one knee and I nearly soiled myself….I knew what was coming. I cannot really tell you what he said, but I do remember it being really nice…at the very end he proposed.

After I wiped away my sweaty forehead, I said YES!!!!! Needless to say, Matt’s buddies who drove us to the airport were in on it and were wishing us goodluck…I of course was in the dark…sneaky little buggers.

Same Day Edit

Mandy and Matt had a same day edit for the wedding video. This is when the videographers – Brightside Films, shot the getting ready and ceremony and edited it to show at the reception. I always enjoy seeing brides and grooms get ready for the wedding, seeing the flutter of exciting emotions.

The card Matt wrote to Mandy, I will admit, when she was reading it out, I teared up. It was emotional because it was so sweet, to be able to see these moments captured before the wedding ceremony had begun. The idea of same day edit’s are a really wonderful way for everyone to enjoy for evening receptions. Even for those weddings where only some guests are invited to the evening, it gives them a chance to experience the events earlier that day.


Videography: Brightside Films
Venue(s): Gursikh Sabga Gurdwara
Catering and Reception: Bombay Palace, Brampton
Photographer: Chris Vassalos
DJ: DJ Kiren
Wardrobe: Puja Karna (All her outfits made in India)
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