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San Francisco Engagement Photos of the Week

San Francisco Engagement Photographs

Sometimes I find the most amazing photographs and will post them on facebook, twitter or instagram. But I wanted to round up a selection of photographs on certain weeks relevant to a theme with the photographers consent. This week’s theme is San Francisco Engagement Photos of the Week! I’ve always want to go to San Francisco, I’ve been to New York for my cousin’s wedding, but SF is on my list! It seems that there are so many talented photographers in California. A cheeky photoshoot when I visit, maybe?>

Anyway I rounded up a few photographs which have stood out to me as gorgeous engagement photographs in San Francisco. Enjoy!

San Francisco engagement photo

Wedding Documentary

This engagement photograph by Wedding Documentary is incredible. Having the iconic Golden Gate bridge in the background at night adds to this shot. As you can only see the lights from the bridge, it highlights the Deepika and Chirag as the main focus of the photograph. You can see that they are in the spotlight of the photograph. As a lover of red shoes, I adore the red heels Deepika is wearing! The way she has positioned her legs and pointing her toes while Chirag is holding her looks so elegant. Something out of a Bollywood film, maybe?

View more of Wedding Documentary’s work that has been featured on SWB here

Or you can visit their website on weddingdocumentary.com

Pescadero Beach Engagement Shoot

JJ Chen Photography

This photo by JJ Chen Photography stood out to me the most from the engagement shoot of Amy and Noel. This shoot took place at Pescadero State Beach which is about an hour away from San Francisco. It’s a great alternative to having a city engagement shoot and well worth traveling to the coast to get beautiful scenery like this. The fact that Amy and Noel are high school sweethearts and have been together for 11 years has been captured by JJ Chen Photography. When you know that, you can just see it in this photograph. The lighting, scenery and pose is all so perfect!
View more work of JJ Chen Photography here

San Francisco Engagement Shoot

James Long Photography

First impression, wow what a dramatic vision brought to life! It’s like a story and the couple are highlighted among the tall trees and green grass. It helps that the fog arrived to add a mystical affect too. The dress (which may I add – is such a pretty colour) is so perfect in this photo as it immediately draws your attention to the couple. James captured this shot in at the perfect angle, and I can definitely see this one being framed in their home. There were also so many other lovely photos from their engagement shoot which you can see at jamesthomaslong.com

Janelle and Kri's enagement photo san franciscoDelumpa Photography

This photo of Janelle and Kris stood out to me the most out their engagement shoot. Funnily they met 10 years ago at a party bus and Janelle said that Kris had been bugging her all night! They said that they did things backwards, by getting a house, having three beautiful kids and then getting engaged. You couldn’t tell that from this photograph, all I see is two people madly in love with each other on this bridge. The sun perfectly shines at the top of the buildings and creates the beautiful light in the background of the photo. View more of Delumpa Photography.

San Francisco Engagement Rustic ShootNightingale Photography

This photograph is different from the rest as you can see it has a rustic vintage feel to it. Perfect for those who want a warm and classic effect to your engagement shoot. I can just imagine some classic music in the background while this pair are dancing in the San Francisco streets without a care in the world, apart from their love for each other. (Kind of like in The Notebook, when Noah and Ally are dancing in the street – bliss) It’s a really unique feel and the lights in the background give a beautiful light to this photograph. View more of Nightingale Photography.

San Francisco Engagement PhotographyCan we just say how glamorous this shot is?! I finally got permission to use this photograph and I’m so pleased. This looks like a post promoting a Hollywood film in my opinion. Using this run down location places emphasise on the couple, especially with the glam red dress! View more of Nicole Paulson Photography

What you think of these San Francisco engagement photographs and if you have any to add, let me know!


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