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Secret Wedding Blog Turns Three!

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3 years – say what?! I can’t believe it’s been three years since I clicked publish on my very first blog post. When I started Secret Wedding Blog, I never knew how it would turn out. I kept it a secret (ooh see what I did there!) for a while then started sharing with my family and friends. 

I knew my niche from day 1, multicultural weddings. People always ask me why I started the blog whenever I meet them or receive emails, I tell them the story, however I’ve never officially declared it on the blog..

Growing up in an Indian family, the idea of boyfriends was a big no no. My mum let me and my sisters go through our ugly teenage phase so no boys would look at us (thanks for not telling me about my moustache!) She would always say, get your degree and do what you want afterwards – fair enough. My twin sister and I were more obsessed with our friends so it wasn’t a big deal for us.

Then a few months before I left for uni, I met Mark. I remember the first time I saw him was when I worked in Woolworths (how much do you miss that place?!) and he was walked past. My mouth was wide open and I just stared. Later that evening, I went running home to tell my twin sister that I saw the ‘hottest guy ever’ at work. We eventually met again and I really liked him. I was scared, I would ask my best friend what to do because ‘I wasn’t allowed a boyfriend.’ She told me to go for it and I was still hesitant with my mum’s voice in the back of my head.

Groom's shoes
Mark and I started dating secretly and went through good and hard times like any couple go through. How to tell my parents, what’s everyone going to say etc. 4 years later I began looking at wedding blogs just to get some hope! If I was to marry him, where would I be allowed? Gurdwaras are a no-no for interfaith weddings as last year proved. But I had always dreamed of getting married in one. What other options were there? Surely I couldn’t be the only one thinking this.

Which made me think – if I was to set up a blog that was a safe space for multicultural and interfaith couples then that would help at least one person, right? Thus, here we are, 3 years later as I lay on my sofa dosed up with antibiotics, I smile to myself. As I mature every year, so does the blog. There are things that have worked and failed on here and everything is a lesson that I love learning from. While the blog isn’t accepted by the majority, that’s absolutely fine. I only like to cater to the niche that want love and supportive advice (Peace man ✌️).

All my life I have felt that I’ve never been good enough at anything, that I just scrape by and do okay. But reading so many of your emails asking for advice and thanking me for the blog is the best part. I felt alone going through the issues of ‘interfaith dating’ so I will always try to help where I can.

Thanks for your support, always

All my love,


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