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An American Pakistani Wedding

Long time readers of Secret Wedding Blog know and understand the niche: Multicultural, Fusion and interfaith weddings. This is simply the combination of two people from different backgrounds whether it’s religion, culture, country, race and so on. I try to stick to this niche because this isn’t just ‘another wedding blog’.

While I enjoy (and always will) sharing the most amazing weddings on the blog, I personally understand the struggles that may come with these types of relationships and marriages. For instance, my personal struggle with my own interfaith relationship is the generation gap.

My grandparents were arranged to be married when my grandma was only 10 years old. Her future was decided and she didn’t have any say in it whatsoever. Following this my own parents met after only one meeting – after this they were asked – do you want to get married? This was again difficult, especially as my mum was discouraged to talk to boys and then suddenly she’s expected to talk to one and agree to marry him (Read about my parents one meeting and marriage post here). Then we have my generation where I couldn’t ever imagine going through what my grandparents and parents did. I met my partner, with the worry that he wasn’t a ‘Sikh boy’, but pushed boundaries to be with him because he made me very happy.

Welsh Fijian Wedding

Your Story

This is why I want to hear from you, my lovely, loyal readers who are going through or have been through similiar struggles. I’m not intending for these stories to be negative but it really helps others so much to hear your experience. It will give them confidence and hope when they come across any challenges. And if you had no struggles with your relationship or wedding planning then fab, I still want to hear from you.

What I need from you

The questions I would like you to answer in detail are listed below. In addition to this, I’d love to have your engagement, wedding or professional photography to share with your story.

  • Where are you both from
  • What religion are you
  • How did you meet + your first date
  • How did you find dating someone from a different faith or culture
  • Were your parents accepting of your partner
  • Was there any issues from extended family or the community
  • Tell me about the proposal
  •  – was the parent’s permission asked
  • Wedding planning – how did you decide on having 1 or X amount of ceremonies
  • Did you have any difficulty in finding a place of worship to perform the ceremony
  • Did you have any issues with regards to language barriers?
  • How did you decide on food catering
  • What traditions were you determined to have
  • How much of a say did your parents have
  • How did you decide on entertainment
  • Most stressful part of wedding planning
  • Advice you would give to other couples planning their multicultural – fusion – interfaith wedding
  • And any other information you want to provide

Details of photography and link details can be found on the submissions page

I’m really looking forward to sharing your stories on the blog, your experience will be helpful for the SWB audience.

Featured image shot by Akbar Sayed Photography from this An American Pakistani wedding

Second image shot by Gareth Davies from this Welsh Fijian Wedding in Wales


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