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Should you buy wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance?

With the cost of the average wedding increasingly yearly, it is absolutely vital to ensure you are covered from any accidental loss or damage. Having wedding insurance isn’t always considered by our couples but if you want everything to go perfectly, it’s safe to be covered right? We don’t want any issues like supplier cancellations – imagine if your florist or caterers cancelled at the last minute. Woah let’s not think about that horror story even though it has happened before! Even if situations such as bride, groom, prospective civil partner, a member of the wedding party or close family member falls ill when it’s really inappropriate to go ahead with the ceremony – this can be covered in your insurance.

So what are the suggestions?

John Lewis has an excellent way of insuring weddings. It provides customers with six levels of insurance policy. Each level will depend on the size of your wedding, what type of wedding, in addition to the cost of the wedding and reception. An easy way to take this in, is to break it up into separate costs, so that you can find out what level you need.

Each level tells you the cost it covers up to and what it includes. For example the cover section for wedding rings ranges from £2,000 to £15,000. Please do not confuse this what you are going to pay. That is just the cost, John Lewis wedding insurance covers for. To find out what level is the most appropriate for your wedding, click here.

But what if…?

“I’m getting married abroad?” – Weddings abroad are most definitely included – it is very essential to have this especially for wedding/receptions abroad for piece of mind. They have a flexible cover ranging from £10,000 to £100,000.

“I’ve already arranged services or paid deposits…will they be covered when I take out my policy?” – The great thing about John Lewis wedding insurance is that this will be covered. Anything that you have already paid for or booked will be covered from the date you purchase the policy. All you need is your written contracts for each one of your suppliers.

“I’m having a civil partnership ceremony?”  – Seeing as we at the Secret Wedding Blog are 100% in favour of same sex marriages – we can say that civil partnership ceremonies are covered. We would not promote anything that is against this.

Great…how can I start the process?

If you want to put in for a claim please click here. Firstly, I would recommend reading the John Lewis wedding insurance information and other FAQs I haven’t answered. To view them, click here.



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