Simram and Chris’ Sikh Destination wedding


The wedding of Simram and Chris the second wedding on Secret Wedding Blog by the very talented visiondpelicula. The first wedding was Reshmi and Patrick’s Hindu Catholic wedding which was a gorgeous wedding that took place in Barcelona. Simram and Chris’ wedding stood out to me because I had never seen a Sikh destination wedding before.

Living in the UK where I had only attended Sikh weddings here and the US, the ceremonies were always in the Gurdwara. So it was lovely to see how the ceremony was done outside, this is great if you are also thinking about planning your Sikh wedding abroad. Simram’s pink bridal lengha was so lovely and very unique, definitely one that stands out from the traditional red bridal colours. It was so nice to see Simram and Chris wearing the lengha and sherwani and then change into a suit and a white gown for the wedding reception. A great modern way to combine both outfits into your wedding, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Videography by visiondpelicula

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