Sunita and Ricky’s wedding


I have been wanting to blog about this wedding for a while, I mentioned it briefly on another post which focused on - The Roundhouse Derby but wanted to share the lovely photography too. In case you haven’t read the previous post, Sunita and I have known each other since we were kids as our families have known each other for years. I genuinely thought Sunita and Ricky’s wedding was the best Indian wedding I’ve attended in the UK. They had planned and put thought into every little detail and made us all feel so welcome. Bhavna Barratt captured their wedding so beautifully and she is definitely one of my favourite wedding photographers!

Sunita sikh bridesunita-close-upSunita Keep calm and marry Ricky Ricky Wedding Sherwani Ricky Ricky and mother of the groom Mehndi and engagement ringRicky and best men milni Cousins sunitas-family first-look photography laava sunita-ricky-gurdwara Rita and Ricky rita-sunita Sisterssunita-rickySunita and RickySunita and Ricky

A trailer of Sunita & Ricky’s wedding by Deneemotion

Photography by Bhavna Barratt
Hair and make up by Sangeeta Dosanjh
Mehndi by Bharathi Sanghani Mehndi

Read about their reception on  The Roundhouse Derby

2 Comments Sunita and Ricky’s wedding

  1. Sunita Lalli

    Such beautiful and kind words… Absolutely loved every second of it, and celebrating with all of our loved ones! Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the blog, it’s gorgeous xx

    1. secretweddingblog

      Aww so glad you like, it was so much fun! It won’t be long until your 1 year anniversary!
      Thank you and see you soon :-) x


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