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With the recent engagement of a close family member, the talk of the ‘hen do’ arises. As I am helping her plan her wedding, I have been throwing ideas around for her hen do. Sure, a lot of women go for a big night out - she and I aren’t really the clubbing type. Which made me think, what other options are there for hen dos?

I found these stats from SpaBreaks in regards to hen dos and it was interesting of what the results were.

Preferred Hen party experience

52% of women prefer to have a relaxing hen party, e.g. a weekend spa break. My kind of experience really, with the pressures of work and other commitments, sometimes you need a relaxing weekend. Especially if you’ve been stressing over wedding planning and getting everything right for the big day. A relaxing weekend as a Hen party would be perfect!

My friends, twin sister and I should have taken this photo before not after!

Whereas only 7% of women said they wanted a ‘wild’ hen do! Do you think this depends on the age of the bride to be and her friends? I think it comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. Some women can hack going for a wild weekend away, the hardcore few. I personally find that if I go out on a Saturday night nowadays, I’m tired and hungover on Sunday, wishing the day away and then it’s back to Monday! I’m so hardcore at this time of writing - 23.

This can be described as a Wild Night - my new heels got the better of me!

What happens on the hen party, stays on the hen party

The survey found that 70% of women agreed with this statement and only 30% disagreed. This is in reference to funny stories/events that occurred on the hen party, I can’t condone inappropriate behaviour - you know what I mean. So what one do you agree with and why? I think the percentage of men who would agree with this for their stag do is higher. Only because I have asked a couple of my male friends how the stag do went and their feedback was very limited. Bro code right?

Hen party prices

Sure the hen party is important, with costs of activities, how much are you willing to spend? The SpaBreaks results state:-

There are only 10% of women who said they would pay ver £150 on a hen do.

Coming second, with 21% is the £100-£150 price range.

It seems that women would rather pay up to £50 on a hen do with the highest percentage being 37%.

The last percentage is the second highest. 32% of women would pay £51-£99 on a hen party.

The results show that cost is a big indicator because women want to keep the cost of a hen party to a minimum as opposed to spending a lot on it.

Your turn

Now it’s your turn, tell me about your hen party experiences, was it just what you wanted or what would you have changed?

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