Swedish Sikh Wedding


I came across this amazing video of a Swedish Sikh wedding, I had never seen anything like this before and it fit so well with the multicultural niche I aim for. The Groom’s personality shines through and the little touches are so sweet. My favourite being when he says “shukriya” at the end of his speech, meaning “thank you”.

The bride - Rozina - looks so incredible, her whole outfit, jewellery, henna and make up is so beautiful. The video highlights so much love and happiness from both sides of the family.

Filmed / edited by prettyinwhite.com
Music: “The March” by Aerials, from themusicbed.com
Photographer: etchphoto.co.uk
DJ: enigmaroadshow.co.uk
Drums: facebook.com/drumlineentertainment
Mehndi artists: Nimisha Modi, Bubbs Raju
Make-up: Raj Malda

4 Comments Swedish Sikh Wedding

  1. jason

    Looks nice, but technically not a Sikh wedding nor will be accepted by Guru Ji unless the Swedish guy converted to Sikhism like I did from a white christian background before I got married.

    1. secretwe

      Thanks for your comment Jason. I understand your point, I personally think religion shouldn’t matter if two people want to be together, I’m a sikh girl myself so I understand the constraints of this. How was your wedding and was your choice of converting an easy one?


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