Is it impossible to keep everyone happy at an Asian wedding?

I’m listening back to Nihal on bbc Asian network where he was discussing the topic -

Is it impossible to keep everyone happy at an Asian wedding?

If you haven’t been to an Asian wedding, you’re probably a bit confused. Back in the day the bride and groom’s families would invite pretty much everyone they know. Which is why Asian weddings are usually full of hundreds and hundreds of people. It’s a wedding, it’s not culturally acceptable not to invite your aunties, uncles, cousins etc. This topic arose because a bride walked out of her own wedding in India because the groom’s side were presented with chicken when they demanded mutton by the bride’s family. She walked out, and never returned! Continue reading

Gujarati Weddings Explained

Ever wondered what everything at Gujarati weddings mean? I asked Keshal Patel to explain the traditions of a Gujarati wedding based on her own wedding to Rahul Patel. Check out the explanation and photographs below!

Engagement (Chanlo Matli)

The chandlo (applying the vermilion mark on the forehead) announces the acceptance of the alliance between the two families. The bride’s father and four other male members from her family visit the groom carrying auspicious items and the bride’s father applies the chandlo on the groom’s forehead and gives him a shagun (a blessing symbolised by a token sum of money). Continue reading