Pakistani Fusion Destination Wedding in Tuscany

Can you imagine my excitement when I discovered this Pakistani Fusion wedding? Not only is it a beautiful fusion wedding but it is also in Tuscany. The couple had two ceremonies which meant two outfit changes and double the prettiness. Mariya was lucky to be able to wear a beautiful white lace dress with a floral crown for one ceremony. For the second ceremony, she wore a beautiful lengha which portrayed royalty which complimented the colours from Sebastian’s sherwani.  Continue reading

Lineke and James’ Wedding

When this wedding came to my attention, I was blown away by the simplicity of the wedding, which portrayed such natural beauty. Lineke and James’ wedding looks effortless but incredibly stunning from her wedding dress highlighting her tattoos, to James’ dapper suit and all it’s details.

These two lovebirds are Lineke & James, Lineke born in South Africa but both now living in UK, London. It was a small wedding that took place in September, 2013 in Sirmione, Lake Garda and although at that time, wedding season was already over for Happy Wedding Films, they simply had to go and film these two, as they looked so much in love.

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