The Guy’s Guide To Getting Married

Guy's guide to getting married

I thought this was a very relevant infographic to post today as I’ve had it in my drafts for sometime now waiting for the right moment to post. Sure wedding season is now over so the number of weddings aren’t as high as the warmer months, this doesn’t mean that proposals are not popular either! If your partner loves autumn time (or fall) with cosy jumpers, boots, nights by the fire, candles and cold evenings, this could be the perfect time to propose. Even with the lead up to Christmas, a Christmas engagement is very popular because who doesn’t love an extra massive commitment as a gift?

Me and my friend were discussing how she’s ready to get married. We all know it’s time, and she is ready and her boyfriend is very good at keeping secrets. Whether he’s decided when he’s proposing or not, I’m sharing this as it could be useful for him as sometimes guy’s need a guide to get married *hint hint*.

Although rehearsal dinners aren’t a big thing in the UK like they are in America, I think you can take any info from this graphic and see if you agree or disagree with it. Like how much you should spend on an engagement ring depends on your financial situation.
The Guy's Guide To Getting MarriedSource: H&R Block


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