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The importance of discussing happily ever after

Importance of discussing happily ever after

Happily ever after. What does it mean to you? You may often hear the term in Disney films where the princess meets her prince, they get married and live happily ever after. It’s what every little girl always dreams of – well it’s what I dreamed of while watching those films. 

This post looks at the importance of discussing happily ever after. Now what do I mean by this? It’s quite simple, it’s all the important conversations that you need to have before marriage, your wedding, so you and your partner are both on the same page.

The Wedding

Many couples don’t discuss their wedding while they’re dating. Why would you if you’re not engaged? It’s important because your partner may not want to get married. They would rather stay together without having a wedding or putting a label on your relationship. I know many couples who do not see the reason for marriage, or having a wedding – this absolutely fine; if they both agree. There are some couples who I know that have broken up because one of them did not want to get married and the other did. Communication is key.


Ah children, the next step after marriage right? Not for everyone. Again, this conversation needs to happen! Another couple I know, did not discuss having children before marriage. Not once. They had one child and the wife is desperate to have another one but her husband isn’t keen. A big factor in their relationship, as she didn’t know that’s how he felt. The situation could have been avoided, well resolved, if they had a simple conversation. Another extreme version of this scenario is if one individual doesn’t want to have children at all. This could be a breaking point for some couples, if the other half can’t imagine life without having children of their own.

Home and Location

When I mention the word home, I mean the home that you and your partner desire for your happily ever after. Do you envision you both living in a flat? In a house, bungalow, apartment? Aside from this, home and location affects travelling too. If travel is on the agenda for both of you then that’s great, but it may not be.


So if you know me, you will know that I wasn’t brought up with animals which is why I’m not a great animal lover. I appreciate animals but I would prefer not to have them in my home (mainly because of my minor OCD). This opinion needs to be addressed if my other half really wants a pet in our home – we will need to sit down and have a serious conversation to see how we can both come to a fair conclusion.


As Secret Wedding Blog is a multicultural, fusion and interfaith wedding blog we discuss faiths, cultures and religion heavily. This topic is usually in reference to weddings, marriage and family. How you and your partner will consider each other’s faiths is a vital decision to make. You may be religious and your partner may not be, which gives you the option to practice your faith and making your partner understand why it’s important to you.

Another scenario is if you and your partner are both religious i.e. Hindu and Christian. It allows you both to acknowledge each other’s faiths and incorporate this into your happily ever after. Acknowledgement doesn’t weaken your faith. Read more about interfaith marriage and believing.

What topics did you and your partner discuss before your happily ever after? Let me know below.



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