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The Wedding Stylist

The Wedding Stylist

Before setting up Secret Wedding Blog I didn’t know much about weddings and the whole wedding planning process. It was the standard elements that first came to mind when mentioning weddings. The dress, the bridesmaids, photography and so on. However after exploring the wedding industry and the real weddings featured on the blog, you will notice that weddings are so much more than this. Not everyone has the knack of making their wedding look so pretty. A lot of hard work and creativity goes into this process, which I strongly admire.

Sundari Kumar - The wedding stylistIntroducing Sundari Kumar, a designer, stylist and sparkle magpie. She helps couples showcase their stylish flair and personality through handmade elements and knock out details at their once in a lifetime event. This is lead by their loves and passions through creating and designing a truly unique day for them. She answered a few questions about her gorgeous wedding styling business. The wedding stylistThe wedding stylistThe Wedding Stylist Studio* 1 – Stylist images

What was the inspiration of setting up your business?

I used to work for a bridal designed where day in and day out I’d spend hours with the Bride, hearing her daily musings on adding that extra personality to their wedding day to her worries about any planning issues. It was incredible having such a close relationship with such a wide variety of women going through the tough time planning and deciding on what would be best for them and their groom. It inspired me to set up a creative business where I help them build their dreams from the ground up and achieve those “pin board” days that they hope for as I pride myself in hand making many of my styled elements.The Wedding Stylist - wedding styling The Wedding Stylist - wedding styling

What has been the highlight of running your business?

The definite highlight has been meeting and working with other wonderful suppliers in the industry. There is a wonderful community I’ve been able to join and feel inspired from to keep doing my best and have lots of fun making life long friends. Another highlight is being able to create spaces which reflect a couple or brand, coming from an Architectural background I have a deep interest in creating spaces and experiences so with my business I’ve had the chance to finally help people achieve those incredible moments of their own.

The Wedding Stylist - wedding styling The Wedding Stylist - wedding styling*2 – Silver and Sage images

What are the wedding trends in terms of styling?

I’m not a huge trend follower as I believe couples should follow their own personal style rather than what’s “in style” right now. So therefore, a huge trend for styling in my work are those personal touches or desires, whether it’s a completely laid back reception with no table plan or home brewed beer with two flavours to represent both halves of the couple. I love it when couples want to do something completely unique and create a atmosphere and not just cherry-topping details. (SWB says – I definitely agree, I don’t like the idea of wedding trends!).

Gemma Milly Calligraphy Workshop Gemma Milly Calligraphy Workshop*3 – Gemma Milly Calligraphy Workshop

Why should couples hire a wedding stylist? Do you think this gets overlooked?

I think hiring stylist is obviously a helping hand in making sure your achieve the pinned wedding you always dreamt of rather than agonising over ebay bids and DIY centre pieces. They cut out the faff, and source or make it for you. I wouldn’t say they’re something being over-looked as it’s a growing thing right now. I’ve always felt that in the UK people are more unique, they don’t always follow trends and they want to be true to themselves, with the growth of stylists it’s allowing people to have the chance to do this for their wedding and not only their wardrobe!

The wedding stylist engagement shoot The wedding stylist engagement shoot*4 – VK Images

What tips do you have for styling a wedding?

I always begin with the two halves of the couple. What can represent her and what can represent him and draw the “theme” (if you want to call it) from that. I think you can draw so much from the couples personal tastes. Start there and you can begin to build a story by finding the right venue followed by the style elements.

Wedding styling Wedding styling Wedding styling*5 J&C images

What other services can you provide aside from wedding styling?

I offer styling to small businesses for look books, workshops & events along with a service I called The Insta-shoot where I basically do an instagram photoshoot to help small businesses boost their brand through their visual blogging on instagram, promote their products and help gain a larger following.

Wedding styling services Wedding styling services*6 – M&S Images


Styling: The Wedding Stylist
*1 – Stylist images: Rock & Rose Photography
Linens: Gilded Linens
Florals: Flori Bunda Rose
*2 -SilverandSage images: Ross Holkham Photography
Linens: Pudding Bridge
Furniture: Stress Free Hire
Florals: Flori Bunda Rose
Stationery: Bureau Design
Lanterns: The Hanging Lantern Company
*3 – Gemma Milly Workshop images:  Tom Gyr
*4 – V&K images: Sundari Kumar
*5 – J&C images: Mark Griffin
Venue: Clonwilliam House
*6 – M&S images: Muse Motion Photography
Venue: Danesfield House

Thanks to Sundari for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for SWB. I’d definitely recommend you stalk her instagram as it is beautiful! – @thewstylist


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