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Can you guess what this post is about? Pretty obvious hey! I emailed Popcorn Studios a few months ago about using some of their images for a blog post. They were really kind and said that I can use their images on the blog. Yes! I have been following Toronto Wedding Photographers – Popcorn Studios for over a year on instagram now and find myself immediately liking most of their photographs.

The way they both capture weddings and engagement sessions is truly flawless. Popcorn Studios are most definitely one of my favourite wedding photographers, this is not a sponsored post, but I simply had to rave about their work! 

Enum & Jash are a husband and wife team who bring a fresh approach in the way they capture their subjects. I adore their about me page, that gives you an insight of Popcorn Studios:

“To capture a moment means to freeze time long enough to create an emotion that will be felt by an audience. To have an audience means that you will have a purpose to think outside the box and put on a show that will forever be remembered. We strive to tell stories that take you to a place where you know you are loved.

So when does the popcorn come into play you ask? Once you crack open the box and press play, its time to grab the popcorn and enjoy the show! Our adaptation of your story will be exactly as you have lived it, remembered it, and will cherish it for years to come.

We Keep it Poppin’ !

We like to take a nomadic approach to life. We love being in new places, seeing new faces and documenting all of our encounters. Photography goes hand in hand with travel, and we’d love to travel to you, yes YOU, and photograph you with your loved ones on your special day. We pride ourselves on being photojournalists. We don’t create your big moments, you do.

We are Enum & Jash! Married, in Love, and always thinking outside the box. Our work is fresh, bold, edgy and creative & that is why ‘We Keep it Poppin’!”Autumn Engagement Photography Indian Bride DancingAsian Wedding Photography Asian Wedding Photography Date night photography Indian bride leaving home Outdoor wedding photography Toronto Wedding Photography Wedding Party

All photographs provided by Popcorn Studios. I would especially recommend checking out their instagram account or check out their website.
What do you think about their photography? Do you love it as much as I do? Let me know below 🙂


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