UK couples getting married older but with shorter engagements

UK Couples get married older but have shorter engagements

You know I love an infographic especially interesting ones that you read and makes you say ‘Huh, I never knew that’. Also ones that spark conversation. Some infographics I’ve posted in the past have been brought up in the pub on a Saturday night. Which is why when this came across my inbox, I was excited to share it. In June and July 2014, 255 people participated in an online survey, run by Essex wedding venue, Braxted Park

Research showed in the past ten years the average age of people tying the knot has increased by three years, while the average length of engagements has decreased by almost a quarter. 

Previous to 2004, the average age at which people got engaged was 24 years and 8 months, (25 years and 1 month for women, 22 years and 10 months for men) but Braxted Park’s research found that over the past decade this has increased to 27 years and 8 months (27 years and 1 month for women, 28 years and 4 months for men).

However, while we may be leaving it later to get married, the length of engagements has decreased significantly.  Before 2004, couples were engaged for around 25 months on average but couples now wait 19 months.  The research revealed that the older the couple, the shorter the engagement seems to be.  Those under 30 years old wait 21 months, but those over 30 are engaged for just 14 months.

Despite these new trends the survey also revealed that many traditions remain; May is still the most popular month to be married and Christmas was identified as the key date for engagements, with a fifth surveyed popping the question either on Christmas Day or during December.  Although 7% of brides now choose their own ring, in the overwhelming majority of cases 62% of grooms still choose and buy their partner’s ring without the bride.

UK couples getting married older but with shorter engagements

Michelle Rider, Senior Wedding Co-ordinator at Braxted Park, says:

“This research certainly reflects what we see here.  We are inundated with enquiries just after Christmas, many for late spring, and the amount of time between people booking their wedding with us and their big day has reduced.

“If you are planning a wedding and have a short engagement in mind, don’t leave it too late to visit your chosen venue or talk to suppliers.  Our most popular dates are often booked many months – even years – in advance.”

Braxted Park is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Essex. Set in a stunning country estate within easy reach of London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Kent it is the perfect wedding venue.

Whether you prefer a summer or winter wedding, a church service or civil ceremony it is all catered for at Braxted Park. The elegant country house is a licensed wedding venue as well as having a Parish Church situated within the parkland.

I want to know what you think about the age to get married. What age did you get married or are you getting married? Let me know below!


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