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Want To Be Featured On A Channel 4 Documentary?

A Hindu and Jewish Fusion Wedding

I am always receiving emails from reporters or journalists regarding interfaith, multicultural and fusion weddings. It was mainly last year with the big uproar in interfaith Sikh weddings where I shared Sam and Sim’s Love Conquers all wedding. Their wedding was stopped the night before the big day and I wouldn’t wish any couple to experience what they did.

As Secret Wedding Blog is a multicultural wedding blog, this is most definitely the right place to come and I will always try and help out where I can. So shall I tell you all about this Channel 4 documentary?

Channel 4 Documentary

Let’s begin by asking three questions:

  1. Are you getting married in the UK between April-July 2016?
  2. Do you and your partner come from different backgrounds or contrasting upbringings?
  3. Will your wedding be the coming together of two worlds?

If you answer yes to all three then you are eligible!

Renegade Pictures are creating a new programmed for Channel 4. They want to hear about couples who come from different backgrounds or contrasting upbringings to take part in this celebratory documentary about weddings. It could be someone from the North marrying someone from down South, or it could be a multicultural, interfaith or fusion wedding.  Or even something that is completely different, they are open to hear any stories that people feel represents modern Britain. I bloody love that.

They are looking to capture the emotions and excitement of a couple’s special day, giving insight into what it’s like to get married right now and to celebrate the diversity of modern Britain. If you are successful then you, your partner and your extended families have the opportunity to have your big day expertly captured, with the ultimate wedding keep sake.

How does that sound? If all good, you can get in touch via email or telephone and tell them I sent you. If you’re on the programme, how about giving Secret Wedding Blog a cheeky little shout out? 😉


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*Featured image by: Katia Taylor Photography – view more from this wedding here


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