Welsh Asian Multicultural Wedding Photography


I follow S Romel Photography on twitter and found we are very much on the same wave length. One of his weddings caught my eye, a lovely multicultural wedding. Now SWB readers will know that this is the niche I am aiming to blog about so I couldn’t resist but ask him to feature a couple of images on the blog. Luckily he was delighted to! I had asked for the permission from the bride and groom, who wanted to keep personal details excluded. I totally respect their privacy because not everyone wants to have intimate details from their wedding day shared, I know I’d want to keep a bit of that to myself too. But we are all different! Therefore I have a mini real wedding to show you all today!

Shah sent me some information regarding the photography of the day.

Bride and groom: R&R / Mr & Mrs Davies / The Davies

“The bride contacted me back in Sept. She liked my work on Asian weddings and wanted to see if thats something I can do with a very intimate multicultural wedding. She described the venue (Matara Centre in the Cotswold) which sounded like it was something from the far east and that she wanted me to have full control of how and what I wanted to do, without the interference of mothers, sisters, cousins or wedding planners. I was sold from the first contact.”

Welsh Asian Multicultural Wedding Photography

Why I want to submit to Secret Wedding Blog?

“I would like to try out a different niche. SWB is a rare multicultural wedding blog with a personal touch, good content and beautiful photography.”

Welsh Asian Multicultural Wedding Photography

About S Romel Photography

“I’m Shahriar, wedding / travel photographer based in Birmingham. I have worked mainly on Asian weddings for the past 3 years but looking to broaden my horizons a little more for 2014. That includes shoot weddings outside my comfort zone. My style and approach is evolving all the time but I would say I fall under the reportage / candid group. ”

If you want to view more of his work, please visit his website on  http://sromel.com

Or you can find him on facebook and twitter!

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