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What does faith mean to you?

What does faith mean to you?

Faiths are different, and each faith has different aspects: you bring to an interfaith relationship not just two different faiths but two different people’s perspectives about what matters.

Of course all the different aspects of any faith system are connected – the beliefs, the ethics and rules of conduct, the sense of community and culture – but your own experience and your relationship may also affect which aspects matter to you most. It may be the beliefs, or the culture that goes with them, or it may be the practical expressions of faith, such as following a religious path or how you behave towards other people. Your close experience of another faith will give you new insights into your own.

Faith to me is personal

It’s a relationship between me and God/the universe/a higher being. I don’t think it needs to be justified to anyone because it’s not about them. Everyone has their own relationship with God, and how they show their faith. Whether it’s going to religious events or how much they pray, it’s each individual’s personal journey.

Anon: “You know I have learned so much about Christianity by joining in with Jewish worship. Lots of Christians think that Judaism is a faith that stopped developing in the first century, but it is a living faith. Celebrating the Passover Seder has really transformed my understanding of Easter.”

Let me know, what does faith mean to you?

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