What to wear to an Indian Wedding


If you are attending an Indian wedding  or a wedding of a culture that you may not be familiar with, you might be wondering what is acceptable to wear. It is an eye opener when you attend these type of weddings because you get to see how people in that specific culture have their wedding ceremony. What I love about all weddings is the joy and celebrations in the wedding traditions and how couples customise their wedding to their own taste. If you know anything about Indian weddings, you will know it’s not a one day event, the celebrations can last for a whole week! A post on Gujarati weddings explained will give you an insight to some of their wedding traditions.Rita Raj Dharar

So if you are attending an Indian wedding, what do you wear?

If you are attending a Sikh wedding, Gurdwaras (Sikh Holy Temple) require you to take off your shoes and cover your head. In addition to this, you should be covered up, i.e. ideally not wearing a mini skirt as this can be seen a disrespectful. Also definitely not handy when you have to be sitting on the floor!Rita Parveen Raj Dharar

When I get married, all my girl friends are excited to wear Indian attire because they’ve never had the opportunity before (well apart from dressing up in mine and Rita’s Indian outfits at sleepovers when we were younger). They’re not used to or haven’t been to an Asian wedding so giving them a chance to wear the same as the rest of the Indian family is so exciting. Raj Dharar wedding New York

For men, it’s easy for them to wear a nice suit and a bandana to cover their heads. Personally, I think men also look really great in sherwanis’. Not every male’s cup of tea but for those who do want to properly get involved, these are some that I think look dashing! The first sherwani is traditionally for the groom getting married but it gives you an idea of how they look and can be customised in their colours and design.

Mens Sherwani

Source -angarkh.comMens Sherwani

Source - jugniji.com

The same applies for other cultures. What to wear to a Hindu wedding, what to wear to a Gujarati wedding, all three are Indian types of wedding which have similar customs. In this case, it is the choice of attire. Traditionally the Indian bride wears a red lengha, suit, saree or dress with her head covered.

Indian wedding attire

Modern fashion has changed the way brides choose their wedding outfits, as some now opt for less traditional colours. A different variety in colours but the brides are still as stunning in their extravagant bridal outfits.

Sikh wedding colours

Source - pinterest.com

Purple Sikh WeddingPhotography - daveabreuphotography.com

Yellow Green and Red Indian bride

Photography - SalShan Photography

All this from my experience of attending Indian weddings, so people may have different opinions and views on the matter.I’d love to know what you’ve worn to an Indian wedding before and if you have attended any weddings where the bride is wearing a unique colour instead of red.

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