Why meeting likeminded people is improving my blog


On Friday I attended the UK blog awards 2014 with my sisters for a fun filled night, I was grateful to be shortlisted as one of the top 10 bloggers in the UK in my category out of over 900 entrants!  It was so great to see so many bloggers under one roof from a variety of industries. Talking about topics I had never considered before definitely opened my eyes to other specific types of blogs out there. For example I met with Steven the owner of Urban Kulter Blog which is a fab Arts and Culture blog!

Coming from a very small town in Cambridgeshire, there isn’t any opportunities for this kind of networking around the area (that I know of). Especially as it gave me a chance to talk about my blog and what it is about to those who were genuinely interested; it surprised me actually. It gave me a taste of how networking events work and sparked my interest of wanting to attend more.

Raj and Parveen

*Me and my older sister, we actually look like twins here as opposed to my actual twin sister!

I love meeting new people, working in an 8-5 job coding away on my PC, doesn’t allow me to meet new people, apart from the clients of the company. I often feel like I’m an entrepreneur trapped in a 8-5 job, as I constantly have a variety of creative ideas and how to implement them, I digress.

One example is when I first joined the gym, I met so many new people. It was so nice to talk to a new face and hear new stories I then realised that I hadn’t met anyone new in so long, which slightly agitated me {this realisation was taken out quite hard on the rowing machine!}.

Blog improvement motivation

Oh my little blog, my pride and joy. I am proud of how it’s turning out. I understand that it needs work and my writing is gradually improving with experience (or least I hope!). I know I need to take lovely photographs and aim to provide relevant content for my niche. I love doing it so it is enjoyable for me.

It’s funny actually, being a wedding blogger, I feel like I am a part of two niches, the wedding industry and the Asian wedding industry. Best of both, can’t complain about that! I think that’s why I feel that it can’t be compared to blogs in either of these niches because it’s focused on both. Also I’m not a fan of comparing yourself to others, hence this instagram post…

By looking up to other niche blogs out there is a great way of being able to determine what you hope to achieve with your own blog.

Why you setup your blog?

Why people should read it?

How can it help your target audience?

If you set up your blog for pleasure, this can be a perfect way to take it to the next level. By interacting with more experienced bloggers allow beginner bloggers the chance to understand how they can get the most of your blog. It can be just what you need if you are feeling a bit lost or unmotivated. The Blog awards was a massive boost of motivation to push harder with my blog so it can reach my desired goal. Another brilliant way of online networking, I’ve found, is interacting with bloggers on #BlogHour on Tuesday evenings 9pm-10pm. This is where topics and questions are raised so bloggers can share their knowledge and learn from each other.

I’d love to know if meeting other bloggers or people within your industry helps you and how?

2 Comments Why meeting likeminded people is improving my blog

  1. Susan

    I really enjoyed meeting you and your twin sister on Friday evening. I hope you enjoyed the whole experience of taking part in the UK Blog awards as much as I did. Sue

    1. secretweddingblog

      Aww we really enjoyed meeting you too, it was a fun night wasn’t it. Hopefully we will see each other at another event soon :-)
      Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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