Will you be my bridesmaid ideas


Your partner has just popped the question and you’ve said yes. Congratulations, you’re engaged and now planning your big day. You may already know who you want your bridesmaids to be, but have you thought about how you are going to ask them? Below are some creative ways to ask the question - will you be my bridesmaid? They’ll be so blown away with the effect put into this method that they obviously won’t be able to refuse.

Will you be my bridesmaid? Ideas
This is a beautiful designed card and perfect for asking your special bridesmaids to be there for you on your big day. A lovely design with ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ written swirly pink text with vintage floral bouquets. A design from super stylish stationers Rifle Paper Co.
Buy here

Will you be my bridesmaid heart cardAs seen in Wedding Ideas Magazine, this card by Dottypink Designs has created a sweet heart design which doubles as a space to personalise them yourself with your bridesmaid’s name on one side, and a short but sweet personal message on the other, each A6 card comes with a lovely white envelope.  Buy here

DIY Balloon
This blogger came up with a creative way to ask her friends to be her bridesmaid. She told her she was going to bring round a box of cookies but inside she made this balloon in a box, so when you pop it, it has a message on the inside. Such a creative way to ask your friend! Source

Bridesmaids gift boxThis blogger created a box of bridesmaids goodies as a gift to her girls. This consisted of the bridesmaids DVD, sweet bridesmaids treats, mini bottles of alcohol and nail varnish. This idea is perfect as each box can be customised for each bridesmaid. Source

Will you be my bridesmaid?
Fill in the card with their name, wedding date, wedding location and wedding colours as a way to give them some information for a formal invitation. Buy Here

Bridesmaids custom bottle coversBuy your girls a bottle of their favourite wine or drink, then customise a bottle cover as way to ask them to be your bridesmaid.They can keep this forever and look back on fond memories of how your wedding planning journey began. Buy here

It's my turn to pop the question...will you be my bridesmaid?

The typography on these cards got them on the list today. Use funky text to create your own card to pop the question to your girls! A simple but very effective bridesmaid card that can be treasured forever. Source

DIY bridesmaid gift box

Another DIY bridesmaid gift box, this time this option includes a pretty hankie, a bracelet, a chocolate bar, a lip balm, a face mask and a little bottle of bubbly. Again, these can be customised to match your girls personalities and tastes, they surely can’t say no. Source

Photobooth will you be my bridesmaid question

A funky way to ask your girls to be your bridesmaid. Use a photo booth and chalkboard to create individual photos with a word on each photo. So then it spells out the question as shown above! Source

Bridesmaid gift box

This box is lovely because when you open the box of goodies, there is a message on the inside. This way your girls will be totally surprised when they open it to see the question and items you’ve carefully selected for their gift box! Source

Will you hold my dress while I pee?This card goes straight in with the humour and fact about a bridesmaid’s duty. You will her and she will gladly accept to help you on your big day. Buy here

I promise the dress won't be too hideousNeed a humorous, somewhat cheeky way to ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid”? Tell her the dress won’t be (too) hideous. Pinky promise.
This card started out as a hand-drawing that was scanned from a sketchbook, digitally coloured, and printed onto white card stock. Buy here


This blogger created a will you be my bridesmaid gift box from scratch. She persoanlised each box with the name of her girls and inside made a custom note to each bridesmaid. View her tutorial on source

Bridesmaid box and box for day after

This bridesbox consists of items that include a box for the day after, this is great because you can show how much thought you have put into the package by providing a selection of well thought out items. Source

Chanel Bridesmaid gift box

And finally, this beach themed gift box consists of Chanel goodies. This already tells you about the theme of the wedding. On the top of a box is a card that says - Will you be my bridesmaid? View tutorial here

How can your girls refuse being your bridesmaid with this range of popping the bridesmaid question. Let me know what you think or if you have any more to add to the list!

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